Super Power Sunbeds

The ultimate in fast, safe and hygienic tanning. These days it’s not just about achieving a beautiful healthy golden tan. Current medical advice is to cover up in the sun, but the health benefits of exposure to its UVA and UVB rays greatly outweigh the disadvantages, even if that means using a sunbed.

This is because the body converts sunshine into Vitamin D, a substance that helps build a healthy immune system, strong bones, eases the symptoms of eczema & psoriasis and is known to even fight off depression. 

Our beds are cleaned and sterilised after each session by one of our therapists and we personally monitor sessions so nobody under the legal age can use these beds without their doctors consent. As of April 2012 the law now states that sunbeds are stricly over 18's only. 

Goggles, towels, deodorant & and sweets are provided for your comfort. We have a range of prices for individual sessions and discounted courses to suit your needs.

Tanning from 20p per minute.



Saving you

3 mins £2.506 x 3 mins £11.50£ 3.50
6 mins £3.506 x 6 mins £14.50£ 6.50
9 mins £4.006 x 9 mins £16.50£ 7.50
12 mins £4.506 x 12 mins £19.00£ 8.00
15 mins £5.006 x 15 mins £21.00£ 9.00
18 mins £5.506 x 18 mins £22.50£10.00