Body piercing
Body piercing

Body piercing

Blade Needle Technology

We use the latest blade needle technology, which causes less pain, less swelling, less infection and faster healing. Do not go to piercers that use outdated and barbaric canular needles or piercing guns “which are dangerous and cannot be sterilised.”By choosing to have your child's ears pierced at Be Beautiful you can be assured that their care & wellbeing is our top priority.
The technique we use is the fastest, least painful, most hygienic and safest available.

We only use the best quality titanium jewellery which is included in the price

Consultations are free, other Piercings available on request.

Ear x 2 from £22.99
Nose £19.99
Tragus (ear) £24.99
Helix (ear) £19.95
Labret (between lower lip & chin) £24.99
Madonna (beauty spot) £24.99
Eyebrow £24.99
Lip £24.99
Tongue (painless) £29.99
Navel (belly button) £29.99
Nipple £29.95
Nipple x 2 £45.00