Professional makeup & packages
Professional makeup & packages

Manicures & Pedicures





Just Polish
File & Polish

Nail Tidy



Express Manicure (45mins)
(includes cleanse, shape, buff, relaxing hand massage, cuticle work and polish)
Spa Manicure (1 hour)
(includes cleanse, shape, buff, relaxing hand and arm massage, cuticle work, polish plus anti-aging hand mask and heated mitts)

Add French Polish to your treatment

IBX & Nail Tidy

IBX & File and Polish

IBX & Express Manicure

IBX & Spa Manicure











File and Polish

Nail Tidy



Express pedicure (45 mins)
(includes foot spa, nail shape, cuticle work, relaxing foot massage and polish)

Spa Pedicure (1 hour)
(includes foot spa, nail shape, cuticle work, exfoliation, polish, relaxing foot and leg massage, soothing foot mask and heated boots)

Express Pedicure & Callous Peel

Spa Pedicure & Callous Peel 

Gel Toes & Express Pedicure







Add French Polish to your treatment
Swarovski crystal toes(from)              
The ultimate in bling! using genuine swarovski crystals to create a superbly sparkling effect.
Callous Peel
A treatment that gently but effectively peels away callus's from heels and soles of feet leaving them soft and smooth



Ibx is a toughening system that supports natural nail growth. Regular use of this product alone or used in conjunction with gel polish or acrylic. It will help repair damaged parts of the nail so it can help it grow out normally, it will help strenghten thin, bendy nails and fill ridges and grooves to create a smooth surface. Ibx will have an ongoing beneficial effect in the natural nail. 

 Ibx is like adding an insurance policy into the nails, guarding against potential problems and guarding the nail from within. 

 Ibx is the only product that penetrates into the natural nail to become a permanent fixture, rather than polish like products that are applied to the nail surface only treating the top layer not the whole nail.

£10.00 for initial treatment

£8.00 for any follow up treatments (if needed)